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Horse events, clinics, camps, etc. - no fee except print purchase or licensing fees

Private Farm Visit - Please contact me for quote

Travel Expenses - billed at cost; air, hotel, transportation fees

Car travel mileage billed at .40 per mile outside of a 50 mile radius of Woodbury CT

Payment - Farm Visit fee and transportation expenses are due on the day of the shoot

Proofs will be available within 1 week after the shoot

Available print sizes:





Larger sizes also available depending on the image resolution

please call or email for quote.

Licensing fees - Personal website and advertising or promotional usage

Please call or email for quote

Allow 2-3 weeks delivery for prints. Postage and Handling - $5.00

For 1 week delivery add $30 to each 1st print price.

Rush service (2 to 4 days) is available for 100% additional charge.

Overnight shipping will be billed at cost.

Photos are copyrighted in my name. I reserve the right to use photos for purposes of my own, ie. advertising, display, editorial, contests, etc. Photographs you use for advertising or publishing are subject to copyright/licensing fee. Any unauthorized reproduction/use of proofs or enlargement/reproduction of prints is an infringement of the copyright law.

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